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Each pair of ears on this site has been researched to provide park release, dates, and price (when information was available) and then catagorized in the Menu.

Ears released prior to the last couple of years can be harder to pinpoint an exact release date, therefore the date and/or years listed is based on what information was available. If you see that there is an error or if there is a pair of ears you do not see or need information about, comment on the bottom of the post, on Facebook, or email me at minnieearcollectors@gmail.com and I will get them added or corrected!

For help on determining the authenticity of ears, I have created a post compiling authentic fabric tags and other information from parks all around the world. I have also created a post dedicated to authenticating Minnie Main Attraction Ears. If you have any questions, again, please don’t hesitate to reach out through comments, email, or social media.

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