The Sirens of the Deep Pirates of the Caribbean Ears were released at Shanghai Disneyland in 2016 and sold in the Doubloon Market at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean as well as at the Jolly Gypsy. These were sold along with the Purple Striped Pirates of the Caribbean Ears.

The ears are made from the same print that was used for a line of merchandise released in the United States in June 2015 that was sold on shopDisney (at that time and in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. This line of merchandise, referred to as “Sailors Beware” and “Sirens of the Deep,” consisted of two pieces of wall art, a mug, scarf, bag and wristlet, as well as multiple clothing items and featured one or both of the mermaids from the print. While the official artist is unknown, Disney described the print as “covered in beautiful mermaids, sea creatures, and pirate treasure.” Disney’s official description of the mermaid featured on these ears was, “No one can resist the siren’s bewitching song of the sea. A flame-haired mermaid lures voyagers to adventure…inspired by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.”