The Rainbow Sequin Ears share the same FAC number and match identically in color and shape as the Birthday Ears. The bow is the exact same as the original Rose Gold Ears’ bow. This information leads me to believe that they were made on accident or by putting leftover pieces together to create something to sell. Recently, they have been sold as part of the Sega Fun Fan Amuse collection. These came with no FFA tag originally, but they now come that way.

The Fun Fan Amuse Collection of products was created by Sega for arcade prize machines in Japan. The ears that have the blue Fun Fan Amuse tag often feature current ear designs from Disney Parks, but also feature their own unique designs (such as the ears above) as well. The ears are considered “fakes” and are often found to be of less quality and slightly off from real Disney Parks ears because of this. You can tell the ears by looking for a blue Fun Fan Amuse tag, however, all of the blue tags seem to feature the same “Chip and Dale” and “Based on Winnie the Pooh” tag. Most Fun Fan Amuse ears will feature the old style (horizontal) Disney Parks tag and may or may not have an FAC number. It should be noted that this is not always the case, though. Always check where and how the tag is sewn, if there is a blue Fun Fan Amuse tag, and what version of fabric tag the ears should have. Check out the post here for more information on tags.